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Fuck Yeah Stahma Tarr

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A stray idea for Defiance the Musical.

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Kenya, what a lovely surprise.

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You know my love to Kenya.
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Defiance has not yet been renewed for season 3 (or canceled) so here is a list of things everyone can do in order to help the show get renewed!

1. WATCH LIVE: Many people record shows or watch them online but until the show is renewed or canceled, PLEASE TRY TO WATCH LIVE. The show does not have terrible ratings but they could be better. So watch live.

2. Play the game: The Defiance game is now available for free on PC here, it is also available for PlayStation® 3 and Xbox 360®. It is an MMO third person shooter game with missions that tie-in to the show. Nolan, Irisa and Stahma have all made appearances in the game. For more information about the game go here.

3. Tweet, tweet, tweet: Twitter ratings are now recorded by Nielsen. Tweet during each episode using the hashtags #Defiance and #renewdefiance. You can also tweet about the advertisers such as Dodge (@dodge.) This support from fans encourages advertisers to continue to support the show. 

Every week the cast of Defiance live tweets so the audience can live tweet along with them. This is also a great way to interact with the cast and have fun! castithientogenes has created a list of the cast Twitters and other people involved in the show; you can find it here.

(Note: This may not seem like a big deal but Twitter ratings are very important, especially if you cannot watch live. If you do not have a Twitter and would like to create one, you can do that here. It’s free and easy and you can help Defiance become a trending topic each week!)

4. Buy the show: It is available on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, VUDU and Hulu (some episodes can be watched for free on Hulu.) You can buy a season pass (all the episode as they air) or just individual episodes. You can also buy season 1 on DVD here and/or pre-order season 2 here. There are special features on the DVDs including gag reels and deleted scenes. 

5. Interact with Syfy: Syfy has a lot of additional information about the show. The Defiance website has video clips including promos and behind the scene interviews, Inside Defiancehas trivia and more information about the show, character backstoriesa timeline of eventsinformation about the new world and new alien races and more. The game has its own website here.

Download the ‘Syfy Now’ app and the Syfy Sync app for more information. You can ‘like’ Defiance on Facebook, follow the official DefianceWorld twitter, subscribe to the Defiance YouTube channel, follow the official Defiance tumblr and ‘check-in’ when you are watching the show on tvtag

Hopefully everyone is able to help Defiance get renewed for season 3! Any little thing can help; from talking with other Defiance fans online, encouraging people to watch the show, tweeting about the show and most importantly, watching live! If you have any questions, talk to me on tumblr or on twitter. Also, help spread this post around so all fans can see it! Thank you, Defiance fans!

D. All of the above.

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve done a Be loud, be defiant, be heard post for Defiance, and itberice wrote this incredible post yesterday. Woo hoo, thank you!

Tonight we get William Shatner tweeting along with the Defiance cast for the 8 pm PT (11 pm ET) broadcast. This can be a great bump in show awareness thanks to his nearly two million Twitter followers.

Please remember the following:

1) ONLY USE #Defiance for your tweets. We know how much we want Defiance renewed and every tweet counts! Tweets are looked at, they are counted. To avoid any confusion, just stick with #Defiance. Yes, we really wanted to go with the #RenewDefiance one as well, but let’s get those tweets counted and use only #Defiance.

2) Be courteous to everyone in the fan community! We’re a relatively small (but loud and loyal!) fandom and it’s great that everyone has the opportunity to take part in this experience. We enjoy the myriad of opinions in the group and we take pride in the fact that not everyone agrees all the time.

Remember that we are all here because we all love Defiance - whether someone is a fan of the telo or the Adreno, knives or light machine guns, we encourage respectful interaction among fans (think Amanda Rosewater style communication, not Datak Tarr style).

3) Be respectful if you’re tweeting at Defiance cast and crew, Syfy staff or special Tweet-a-longers. Don’t demand follows, replies, retweets, favorites, spam, etc.

Defiance fans and viewers are beyond fortunate to have a superb cast and crew who engages with us over Twitter every single week and at conventions around the world. Some of those amazing cast members even tweet East Coast and West Coast viewings. This is what makes our weekly Thursday viewing special. Not to mention we fans totally love this. 

Be polite, be respectful, be kind - we can’t stress that enough.

4) Keep positively tweeting to those sponsors AND add that #Defiance to your post. We’ve been seeing ads for Dodge, dyson, Wendy’s, Hershey’s, Radio Shack, Sonic, iPhone 5s, Burger King, Guardians of the Galaxy and Hercules. [Us nerds apparently really love gadgets, fast food and movies.]

5) At work or otherwise occupied? No problem! You can schedule #Defiance tweets to post to your account between 7 pm and 11:59 pm ET with websites like FutureTweetstwuffer or Later Bro.

6) PROPERLY adjust your trending settings. EVERY SINGLE WEEK we have seen tweets saying, “#Defiance is trending!” Sadly, it’s not.

[On a side note, #DefianceSDCC did however trend nationally (USA) during the panel at Comic-Con this year.]

It’s easy to get #Defiance to trend locally on your computer or smartphone when you’re following a whole lot of Defiance-themed accounts. In order to see if #Defiance is legitimately trending for the USA (the entire country and not just your region), adjust your settings to the following:

  • Click Change where your Trends are located.
  • Choose Change when asked if you want to Change or Keep Tailored Trends.
  • In the text box, start typing United States and choose United States (All cities). This will set your trends to the entire United States.
  • Press Done to confirm your change.
  • Your trends section should now say United States Trends.

You can follow us on Twitter at HellbugsInLove and read our Defiance Without Empathy recaps with Women of Defiance and guest writers JRussi and Karlyko over at hellbugs.com every Saturday afternoon. 

Tune in at 8 pm ET to watch LIVE and tweet along with everyone. 

Thank you reading this post everyone. See you tonight, it’s sure to be a good one!

Be loud. Be defiant. Be heard.

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We women must abide by our traditions. That is the thread that keeps our culture intact.

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Stahma Tarr + bathing

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all power will reside in me.

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Judas Priest.

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