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Fuck Yeah Stahma Tarr




Read the history of the Tarrs #BeforeDefiance Returns June 19 on Syfy. 

Read it here

…ok this is actually kinda cool.

The directions to get to it are really convoluted though.  ignore the direction to “click above” — the link below is the correct one (or  just go here )

it’s a “picturebook,” though, so don’t click.  drag.

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Stahma (and Alak) in Season 2.

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I would love for this to happen, Lucy and Jaime working together again. Lucy could play a new Law Keeper or work for the Earth Republic and see Stahma and immediately realize there is something fishy with her. She could start sneaking around town trying to figure out who Stahma is, what her past is like because she just knows Stahma is the brains behind the Tarr family and that she is up to no good. Stahma of course would play coy and ultimately be like “you better back off before this ends badly…for you”.

This needs to be a thing. DAMN.

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stahma tarr → goodbye blue sky

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sideror asked:
Ugh, so the defiance world blog reblogged a repost of one of my graphics... I know we all know the syfy marketing people are the worst, but really, in what universe is weheartit a source?!?



I am actually really frustrated with the Defianceworld tumblr. Not just for this particular instance (of which this is not the first) but because when it was initially started, it was actually a really good example of a professional tumblr. It had limited but acceptable engagement with followers and most importantly, It produced original content that was interesting, relevant to the show and frankly, cool. There was a whole series of “news articles” detailing the Votan’s arrival on Earth and the successive political tensions and upheavals and it was pretty badass. 

Clearly the original developers of that tumblr are no longer running it and that’s unfortunate. Not only has it become essentially an extension of the Syfy Facebook accounts (LIKE THIS! REBLOG IF…!) but by violating the social norms of tumblr (don’t steal other people’s work! Don’t support reposters!) its gone from uninteresting marketing, to actively damaging Syfy’s brand. 

It has been pretty clear for anyone paying attention that as an organization Syfy doesn’t seem to be able to coherently integrate social media into its marketing efforts. If you’ve ever followed @Syfy you’ll know that they still are making the mistake of having an individual (and not one very high up the corporate ladder) speak for the entire brand, which leads to the most boring, canned Q&A sessions ever. This is also probably part of the reason there are a dozen Syfy-affiliated twitter accounts. None of which I follow any more.  The same goes for their tumblr accounts. I no longer follow any official Syfy-affiliated social media.

 Now, as a person, that doesn’t mean much. No one gives a shit about “Race.” But as a consumer of Syfy’s product? That’s bad news for them.  I should be Syfy’s target demographic. I’m between 18-49 with disposable income (well not much but some. And yes, unfortunately I’m a girl, but contrary to the overwhelmingly bullshit perception in the advertising industry, girls buy stuff!)

 I am also a geek, which means that I really really want to be loyal to Syfy’s brand. My fellow fangirls and I are basically trying to do Syfy’s job for them. We talk about their shows, we tell our friends, we spread their content on all our social media sites. Literally all Syfy has to do to keep us around is not actively piss us off. 

So what do they do? Actively piss us off. 

All you have to do is look at the Orphan Black or Hannibal official tumblrs (or Orlando Jones)  to see good examples of engaging with fans on a specific platform! You can’t treat Facebook like twitter and you cannot treat tumblr like Facebook. You can’t. Not only is the very purpose and design of the platform vastly different but there are user cultures native to each platform that influence language, style, social norms and expectations of content and behavior. So yeah, here on tumblr you’re expected to tag your triggers and not your hate, source your artwork and don’t link your freaking Facebook account to your tumblr. 

It isn’t difficult to engage with fan communities but it does have to be done right in order to create brand loyalty. And the Defianceworld tumblr really isn’t doing it. 

tldr: Defianceworld plz stop reblogging reposts. 

"My fellow fangirls and I are basically trying to do Syfy’s job for them. We talk about their shows, we tell our friends, we spread their content on all our social media sites. Literally all Syfy has to do to keep us around is not actively piss us off.”

This is the most important point you can make.


Because a lot of corporate monkeys just watch the likes and basic interaction numbers to measure success on a platform — literally, if there were eyeballs on the thing, they count it as a success.

That should never be your ONLY goal on a social platform.

A company WANTS the kind of engagement that Syfy gets naturally.  It’s not enough to let something be seen — you want it spread like wildfire, discussed, engaged with.  you want the brand evangelists (and yea, that’s a term) to do some of the heavy lifting for you.  And like Race pointed out, Syfy has a group of evangelists that are absolutely ITCHING to fill that role…and can’t bring themselves to do it, because the brand has engaged the platform in the wrong way.

Of all the things above, that is the most frustrating thing to me.  Their failure to understand the available platforms has led to scores of missed opportunities at a time when their brand is in actual trouble. 

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Stahma Tarr. Defiance.

pencil, copic markers and watercolor on paper.

tagged: #fanart  
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Stahma Tarr + Kenya Rosewater

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stahma tarr → a well respected man

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Stahma Tarr + Datak Tarr

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