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Fuck Yeah Stahma Tarr


I took roadtrip prompts! @MFAngeleeta suggested “Mother/Daughter in-Law bonding” and @MusingsofaRaven suggested “Sideboob”. Creative liberties taken.

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An ever-growing collection.

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Dickens introduces Citizens of Defiance for Dummies: Stahma Tarr

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It’s just around the corner! Yes, all new Defiance airs Thursday night (July 3) at 8 pm ET on Syfy on the eve of Independence Day. This might seem unwise to have a new episode before the start of a weekend of colorful fireworks, questionable hot dogs and nail-biting inducing World Cup matches, but it’s network cable and it’s summer, so normal rules don’t apply.

One of our key points in the main post is tweeting at the sponsors of the show. You might think it’s not important or not noticed, but advertisers do notice when us regular viewers spend 140 or less characters on their product! This lets them know that their investment in Defiance is well worth it. We got a message this week from Pantrocious on Twitter who was pleasantly surprised that Dodge favorited a tweet of theirs.


Your efforts are noticed, even if not favorited or retweeted for the world to see - so keep it up! [Not to mention we caught some of the cast doing it last week as well. Extra points to Julie Benz and Jaime Murray!]

What can you do?

Keep live tweeting the show and tweeting at the sponsors! Always remember the following when tweeting about the ads:

1) Be positive! (Save your snark for the show.)

2) Don’t abbreviate your tweet text.

3) Use hashtag #Defiance so they know what prompted your tweet.

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Defiance: Be loud, be defiant, be heard.



Thursday, June 19 is the season two premiere of Defiance at 8 pm ET on Syfy.


We have waited 346 days for the start of a 13-week season two run of our beloved show. We have relived season one, fantasized about season two, played the game and kept Defiance alive through an interactive and creative fandom. If that’s not dedication to a show, what is?

As we prepare for the season two premiere by popping open the Scotch we’ve been fermenting over the past year, we wanted to give you all a quick primer on how to get the most out of Defiance and how to give back to the show.  

Prior to getting to the meat of this post, we would like to remind everyone of the following.

1) It’s definitely going to be a challenge for our good viewers over in the UK, Ireland, France, Belgium and the Netherlands to avoid spoilers on Twitter and Tumblr. It’s a shame that our community will not be able to engage with them on the same level we did for season one. There have been several reasons tossed around in an attempt to explain this region-block delay (legal, marketing, viewership), but just know that we will continue to let the powers that be know that this is a decision that affects the fandom as a whole. 

Once season two does start for fans in other regions, we will be right there with you, tweeting along! 

2) Be courteous to everyone in the fan community! We’re a relatively small fandom and it’s great that everyone has the opportunity to take part in this experience. We enjoy the myriad of opinions in the group and we take pride in the fact that not everyone agrees all the time. Remember that we are all here because we all love Defiance - whether someone is a fan of the telo or Scotch, knives or light machine guns, we encourage respectful interaction among fans (think Amanda Rosewater style communication, not Datak Tarr style).

and finally (and most importantly!)

3) Be respectful if you’re tweeting at Defiance cast and crew or Syfy staff. Don’t demand follows, replies, retweets, favorites, spam, etc. We’re fortunate to have a superb cast who engages with their fans over Twitter and at conventions around the world. Be polite, be respectful, be kind - we can’t stress that enough.

Before you watch:

1) If video games are your thing, Defiance is now free-to-play on the PC. There are new crossover missions, new characters and much more. You can read more information about the game hereAnd if actual game-playing isn’t your thing, you can at least keep up with these new missions by listening to updates from Defiance Reporter.

2) Download Syfy Sync for your smartphone or tablet from Google Play or iTunes. Get exclusive behind-the-scenes content, quizzes, trivia and more from the app that you can use while you’re watching the show. You can also connect it to your Twitter and Facebook accounts to interact with other fans directly through the app. If you use Roku or Apple TV, you can also download Syfy Sync and enjoy the interactive experience on a larger screen.

3) Take a look at the oodles of goodies from the Syfy Defiance page. There are many clips, previews and other behind-the-scenes content for viewers on the Syfy website, including "Inside the Script," "Jesse Does Defiance," sneak peeks and, of course,the five Defiance: The Lost Ones minisodes. Please note that this content may be region locked and not available for viewing outside of the USA…damn you, region locking!

When you watch:

1) If you have a Twitter account, live tweet the show and discuss with other viewers. Don’t forget to pay attention to your screen to check if there are any episode-specific hashtags (i.e., #Defiance, #DefianceSyfy, #FurrySensoths) in use during the broadcast. Check the hashtags on Twitter to see what others are saying about the show.

For those of you with Xfinity/Comcast, you might notice when you are going through your program guide, there is the Twitter bird with a “Trending Now” next to it in the episode description. Networks and advertisers are taking note of these things now!

2) Don’t only tweet about the show, also talk about the advertising you’re seeing. You may ask, why would I want to tweet about the ads I’m seeing? Metrics for measuring television viewership are constantly changing and not only discussing Stahma’s bath beads or Skevur’s love of Christmas positively have an affect upon a show’s ratings, but also talking about Nolan’s sweet Dodge Charger roller has value. It’s production placement in the midst of a futuristic show; that alone is a challenge!

Curious how this works? Our friends over at RenewWarehouse13 wrote a highly informative page about live tweets and tweets about the ads that air during a show.

3) Should you be taping and watching next day, don’t forget to watch the show and the ads. Crafty modern technology knows when you’ve been fast-forwarding through those ads. Support those who purchase advertising airtime during Defiance by watching the commercials.

4) Tune in to the Thursday night programming block of Defiance - Dominion - Spartacus starting next week. This Thursday, immediately following the season premiere of Defiance is the series premiere of Dominion at 9 pm ET. The first Dominion episode will have a runtime of 90 minutes this week (limited commercial interruption) and next week we will get Starz’s Spartacus series added to the schedule at 10 pm ET. If you can, watch the entire three-hour programming block: we know we’re certainly curious what something like Spartacus looks like on broadcast cable.

After you watch:

1) Pick up a season pass from AmazoniTunes, Google Play or Vudu. Buy the whole season and take Defiance on-the-go with you, or purchase the episodes you like for your mobile devices. Discounts are often available if you purchase a season pass rather than individual episodes.

2) Pre-order season two over on Amazon. Pre-order now to lock in a low price. If the price drops between now and the release date, your cost will be less as well.

3) Meet up with other fans (and possibly cast) at the conventions! Defiance cast members have confirmed attendance at Fandomfest in Louisville (August 1 - 3) and DragonCon in Atlanta (August 29 - September 1). Nothing is set yet for New York Comic Con (October 9 - 12) and San Diego Comic-Con (July 24 - 27), but you can bet “Team Defiance" will be in attendance for the biggest pop culture event of the year.

Hellbugs and Women of Defiance will be at DragonCon this year and we’re looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting other fans.

We can’t wait to see you all on Twitter this Thursday, June 19! Draw a bath, pour a Scotch and tweet along with us! Follow us over on Twitter at @WomenOfDefiance and @HellbugsInLove

(Or, depending on your region, mute us - curse you again, region-blocking!)

As Grant Bowler reminded the audience at DragonCon: Be loud, be defiant, be heard.

Thank you kindly for reading and take care everyone!

Hellbugs & Women of Defiance

It’s Thursday night again, everyone! Don’t forget to watch Defiance at 8 pm ET. Season three still isn’t a sure thing (who knows when we’ll find out about a renewal) so be sure to watch live and/or set your DVR.

Let’s keep those strong numbers coming: 2.01 million viewers for the season premiere on June 19.

As an added bonus, many cast members are live tweeting tonight’s episode at 8 pm ET: Julie Benz, Anna Hopkins, Nicole Muñoz, Jaime Murray and Dewshane Williams.

Oh, and Graham Greene joined Twitter today and ought to be joining in on this Tweetfest! Follow him here.

Remember when on Twitter: Be polite, be respectful, be kind :-)

See all of you at 8 pm!

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stahma tarr ✧ the opposite of hallelujah

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You desire straight talk? Your father surrendered his claim on his financial interests when he murdered Colonel Marsh in a fit of foolish temper. I thought perhaps his son could take over with the proper guidance, but… You lack the strength and brutality to do what is necessary. Once again the strong Castithan males falter, and I am left to open the airlock door myself. The family business belongs to me.
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